Astrological Business Influences

Most businessmen and women scoff at the idea that their endeavours might be subject to some force beyond their control.  Yet the truth is that all business is in competition with other people running opposing concerns, who are trying to corner the same market comprised of different people.  Progress for a business is achieved when a director or employee succeeds in persuading another person to do, or forego from doing something to the former's advantage.  And, as everyone knows, luck can play a big part in success or failure.

Just as the year of a person's birth determines their overall character, so too does the year of birth of a business determine its nature.  Obviously much that the business does during its life is determined by the character of its chief executive, and these individuals will change quite regularly, bringing their own distinct characteristics to bear upon the business.  Both the business itself and its prime movers will determine success or failure, and will fare better or worse in any given year.

When is a business born?  Quite simply, a business is born when it is incorporated according to the laws of the country in which it was formed.  This might be the date of a partnership deed, or the date on which it was granted a separate legal identity from its directors, promotors or subscribers.  If it is an unincorporated business, it would be the date on which it started trading or the date on which its business name was registered.  From that date, the business assumes similar characteristics to an individual born on the same day.

Whether a chief executive or prime mover will help or hinder the business to achieve its aims will depend on the balance of 'Elements' possessed by each (see Chinese Elements) and their respective fortunes in any given year – (see Your Future).  But just as important is the need to ensure that anyone who is to negotiate on behalf of the business is compatible with the other party to those negotiations.  We all remember in childhood which of our siblings was the 'favoured one' whose request to parents was the most likely to succeed.  Finding within the business a negotiator who is most 'compatible' with the other party just makes good sense.