Chinese Astrology

All astrology derives from ancient Chinese philosophy as it developed between 4000 and 2000 BC.  At its heart is the concept of complementary opposites, and the interaction between elemental forces within a 60 year cycle dominated by the Moon.  No one force or element dominates another, but each requires the others for its existence.  As time progresses through the cycle, life forces change, but are always held in balance by an opposing force.

The present 60 year cycle started in 1984 – the year which George Orwell foresaw as a new world dominated by what he believed to be the dark forces of information technology in an age of fearsome new weaponry – and will end in 2044.

The Chinese divided the 60 year cycle into 5 smaller 12 year cycles, and to each one of those 12 years was assigned the name of an animal.  Hence in the life of a 60 year cycle, each animal year will be repeated 5 times.  However, on each of those 5 occasions the animal year is dominated by one of 5 different elements, such that every year in the 60 year cycle has its own distinctive character, and each person born in that year will share those distinctive annual characteristics.

That is not to assume that the millions of people born in a particular year share exactly the same characteristics.  Each month, day and hour bring different forces to bear.  At a minimum, there are 8,640 different permutations of character traits – and that number takes no account of sexual orientation or gender.  Add to that the influence of other people, particularly during childhood (defined as the first 12 years of someone's life), and the result is a rich diversity of human existence that makes our world the fascinating place that it is.

To identify an individual's character requires information about the year of his/her birth, the lunar month of birth, and the day and hour of birth.  Then the various programs in this site can pinpoint the forces that will determine the important things that life demands by identifying personality, relationships, employment, health and the future.