Astrology FAQ

Some of the most frequently asked questions are recorded below.  If you have a question, please ask with the 'Contact us' link at the bottom of the left hand menu:
  • How can a computer program read my character and future accurately.  Surely that can only be done by an astrologer on an individual comsultation?
  • An astrologer reads your character from your birth details, and so do these programs.   Naturally an individual consultation is more complicated, taking account of the position at the time of your birth of all the planets in the solar system.  Of course you must pay a good deal more for that extra detail, but quite often they suffer from too much information.

    myqualities's unique approach is to combine the techniques of Western astrology, Chinese astrology and Chinese numerology to create a 'character map' of any individual, from which conclusions can be reached about that person's future and their innate capacity to get on well (or badly) with other people.  And it does so at the touch of a button.

  • On the Compatibility program, my boyfriend and I scored only 19 points, but we get on really well.  Why doesn't the program rate our relationship much higher?
  • In the flush of youth, or in the early stages of romance (i.e. the first two years), both parties are on their best behaviour.  You may well share the same interests, hold similar political views, and the physical attraction between you will be a significant factor.  But astro-compatibility is about the success (or failure) of long-term relationships.  It's all about maintaining the spark of romance over a lifetime, through the difficult times as well as the good.  It takes no account of appearance, class, background, nationality or ethnic origin.  But it does say this: if you have a long-term relationship in mind, you are wiser to start your search amongst those with whom you are innately compatible, and then to narrow the field by exercising your judgement on the other important aspects of any relationship – appearance, upbringing, philosophy and interests.

  • Which is more important – Chinese or Western Astrology?
  • In these programs, the two systems are equally important.  Western astrology is of course based upon Chinese astrology, yet it has developed in a different way.  Put together, these two systems complement each other to provide a unique view of someone's innate characteristics that serve to expose the inner core – the forces that over time determine how we react to any given circumstances, and which, as we grow older, become much more obvious.

  • In the Compatibility program, it says 'Probable Moon sign'.  How can I find out what my Moon sign is – definitely?
  • Full members of YourMatchMadeInHeaven can e-mail us to find out their Moon sign.  We must be told their exact time of birth, as well as their country and nearest town of birth.

  • Why doesn't the Compatibility program include the Yin/Yang and the Element balance?
  • Because the Compatibility program does not ask for the time of birth.  Many people do not know their time of birth, so the program is constructed to work without that information – important though it is.  But you can use the element Chart program separately, and add on points for a successful Yin/Yang balance.

    Do not forget that Astrology accounts for only 1/3rd of our character makeup; the other 2/3rds are provided by genetics and upbringing.  However, the astrological share over time will provide the dominant share.