Lunar / Solar Calendar

Automatic conversion.  Whilst the Solar calendar dates from about 50 BC, the Lunar calendar has been in use in China since about 2635 BC.  It was initially a guide to farmers on when to plant and harvest – information that is just as valuable today, and given the strength of the Moon's gravitational pull this is hardly surprising.

Much of astrology is based upon the forces exerted by the Sun and Moon, and although other planets are said to play their part, no-one can doubt that these two extra-terrestrial bodies are the prime movers of our planet.

The Lunar calendar year is based on the Moon's phases, and can last between 353 and 355 days.  Given that the Sun rises and sets 365 times each year, it means that every year the Moon is out of phase with the Sun by at least 10 days.  To correct this anomaly, about every third year the Lunar calendar requires an extra month.  This is done by extending one of the months by either 59 or 60 days, in much the same way as February in the Solar calendar is extended from 28 to 29 days in a leap year.

The programs on this site automatically convert Solar (Gregorian) calendar birth dates into the lunar calendar, and where necessary display both dates.  Because both Chinese and Western astrology refer to Moon signs, this site uses the term 'Moon sign' to mean the Western Astrological sign in which the Moon resided at the time of someone's birth, and the term 'Lunar Month' to mean the characteristics of the Animal related to a particular Chinese lunar month.

Fortunately all the programs on this site do the hard work for you, by working out your Sun and probable Moon* signs, your Chinese Year and Element, your lunar month Animal and Element, and even your Numerology Life Path number.

*  Moon signs depend upon time and place of birth.  Because they change approximately every 2½ days, the compatibility program cannot guarantee that someone's Moon sign is correct.