Chinese Astrology Elements

The Element Chart program in this site (called 'My Character') defines someone's basic characteristics.  Provided the hour of birth is known, every chart will have five elemental slots, each to be filled by one of the five Chinese Elements.  Each helps one other, is helped by one other, hinders a third, and is hindered by the fourth.  Hence the concept is an important part of compatibility analysis.  To see an example of an Element Chart (for Princess Diana), click here: Element Charts

Fire helps Earth, is helped by Wood, hinders Metal and is hindered by Water.
Water helps Wood, is helped by Metal, hinders Fire and is hindered by Earth.
Wood helps fire, is helped by Water, hinders Earth and is hindered by Metal.
Metal helps water, is helped by Earth, hinders Wood and is hindered by Fire.
Earth helps Metal, is helped by Fire, hinders Water and is hindered by Wood.

An individual with one of each of the five elements is considered to be perfectly balanced.  But many of us will find that we have two or more of a particular element, which accentuates both the positive and negative qualities of that element.  The five element slots may be filled by two of one element and two or perhaps three of another.  Such an individual will have two enhanced sets of governing emotions and will be missing either two or three of the remaining elements, thus producing a void in their character that needs to be filled.

The Yin/Yang balance

In addition to the elements, the chart identifies the Yin/Yang balance in someone's makeup.  In Chinese philosophy, everything in the world can be described as either Yin or Yang.  These are opposites, and in terms of character the following traits can be identified:

Yin: Introspective, introverted, prefers his/her own company, spiritual, considerate, liberal, slow to alter opinions and emotionally stable.
Yang: Self-motivated, active, emotionally erratic, ambitious, optimistic, passionate, serious, prone to jealousy, confident and pragmatic.

Most people are a balance between Yin and Yang qualities.  Those who are all Yang or all Yin are considered by the Chinese to be unfortunate.

Compatibility analysis:

1.   Yin/Yang

   The most compatible balance between two people is achieved when their respective Yin/Yang combinations are exact opposites.  In this respect, gender is irrelevant.  To the total score in the Compatibility program, either add or subtract the points set out in the Score column.

Person 1Person 2RatingScore
Highly incompatible- 3
Highly compatible+ 3
Highly incompatible- 3
Highly compatible+ 3
Highly compatible+ 3
Reasonably compatible+ 1

2.   Elements

      Match the dominant element of Person 1 against the dominant element of Person 2, and using the Element guide above you can assess whether these two people will help or hinder each other.  The dominant element is the one that is most numerous, and appears at least twice in a person's chart.  For a helpful balance, add 2 points to the total score achieved in the Compatibility program.  For a balance that hinders either one or the other, subtract 2 points.