Just how Astro Compatible are celebrity couples?

Celebrity film stars are not noted for entering into long term relationships, perhaps because they are more attracted by the screen personality of their partner than the genuine article. But as their dates of birth are public knowledge it is intriguing to see just how astro-compatible they are.

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Take for example Declan Donnolly and Georgie Thompson. That their relationship lasted only two years was no surprise - they score only 12 compatibility points on the AstroPal scale when you compare their two birth dates (Declan - 25 September 1975 and Georgie - 25 September 1977). They might share the same birthday and the same Star (or Sun) sign, but there the similarity ends. They have different Moon signs, different Chinese Animals, different Life Path numbers, lunar month signs and Chinese Elements. The truth is that they were never going to get along with each other, because taking all their signs together they were, quite simply, incompatible.

So too were Rebecah Wade and Ross Kemp (Rebecah 27 May 1968 and Ross 21 July 1964) who managed only 14 points on the AstroPal scale. The blunt truth is that if any of these people had just tapped in their birth dates into the iphone AstroPal app before they got together, they would saved themselves a lot of heart ache, and probably a lot of money
Totally unsuited to each other, the relationship between Rebecah and Ross had a somewhat acrimonious ending.

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