Prince William and Kate Middleton astrological compatibility

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Prince William / Kate Middleton

These are the vital character and personality ratings for the relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The key to this relationship is Prince William's double Cancer (Sun and Moon) and Kate Middleton's Cancer Moon. Not only does it bind them, but they will both enjoy good relationships with Prince Charles (Scorpio) and the Duchess of Cornwall (Double Cancer)

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Relationship analysisPrince WilliamKate MiddletonScores
Dates of birth
21 June 1982 (at 9pm)

9 January 1982
Chinese lunar calendar - birth month/year:
5 / 1982
12 / 1981
Western Astrology Sun sign (What many people call their Star sign):

3 points
Probable * (Western Astrology) Moon sign: (What's a Moon sign?)
(Points include astro-balance between Sun and Moon signs)


6 points
Chinese Astrological Year Elements:


5 points
Chinese Astrological Year Animals:    

2 points
With the Chinese lunar calendar month characteristics of a…
Yang Fire Horse

Yin Metal Ox
2 points
Chinese Numerology Life Path:
Number 11
Number 3
2 points
Total compatibility rating:20 points

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