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Your guide to the future

This calculation identifies your future in two ways:

  1. Chinese astrology defines what will happen to you, your career, your finances, your family or home life in each one of the twelve different Animal Years.  For example, someone born in the year of the Dragon will have quite a different prediction for the year of the Monkey from someone born in the year of the Snake.
  2. Chinese Numerology defines what will happen to you by reference to what is known as your Personal Year.  The Personal Year you are in is defined by your exact birthdate.  Each year of the nine-year numerology cycle has a different prediction for that year based upon your position within the Epicycle.
Chinese Astrology defines two very important aspects of your character: your Yin/Yang Balance and your Element Chart.  Both these calculations are important measures of personality that define the balance between negative and positive outlook and the main motivating force in someone's life.  See Chinese Elements for more information.