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Baby Gender Prediction

Predict the gender of your children

This page predicts the genders of children born to a couple (or to be born). If children have already been born check the accuracy of the program by putting in the birth details of the parents, and then take part in our survey by selecting 'Accurate', 'Partially accurate', or 'inaccurate' to describe the prediction made. But please be aware of one factor that can affect gender prediction – stress. Mothers under real stress around the time of conception are more likely to produce girls.  This is often true of the first born child where the parents have not lived together before conception.  Stress levels are not factored into the prediction program.

Look carefully at the results of our survey:

(below, in the left hand column)
You will see that we get our predictions right
3 times out of 4. How do we do it? Well it's simple. We compare the astrological makeup
of the parents by analysing their birth dates.

Using similar methods we predict how well two people will get along with each other:

That's why we produced 'AstroPal' - an iphone app - the new greatly enhanced version of our compatibility program. Don't go out without it.