Astro-health check: find out what the stars have to say about your health.

This page is designed to help you identify areas of your health that may be of concern to you in later life.

Your place and date of birth confers upon you certain characteristics - some good, and some not so good.

We can only provide a very general overview of possible health problems, but you would be wise to keep any problem areas in mind, and discuss them with your doctor or qualified medical health practitioner.
Below is a list of health problem areas associated with certain astrological signs - some from Western astrology, and some from Chinese Astrology.
Use this guide with caution - it represents only a warning of possible problems, not a definative guide to inevitable health concerns.

Character Analysis

Use this program to establish your dominant Element under Chinese Astrology. An element is dominant if you possess two or more of the same Element in your chart. The greater the number of the same Element the more dominant it is.

My compatible people

Use this program to identify your Sun sign (sometimes called your Star sign) and your probable Moon sign. Check with your local astrologer that the Moon sign is correct (they change every 2 and 1/2 days) and then use the chart below.

Read both columns: Each provides an indication of potential health problems for your birthdate.

Although a 'dominant element' may be just two of the same element in your Element Chart' (see My Character) if a birthdate has 3 to 5 of the same element in the chart, the effects of that element are much more pronounced.

The adverse effects of a particular element can be ameliorated by using or wearing the element that is helpful to the dominant element. (See the menu item – Element charts and Yin/Yang compatibility)


Element Potential problem areas
Fire signs: Dominant Fire sign people can suffer from extreme mood swings which can lead to anorexia, schizophrenia or hypoglycaemia. Extreme cases (4 or 5 Fire signs in the Element chart) may result in manic-depressive psychosis.
Water signs: Dominant Water sign people tend to try and isolate themselves from perceived dangers which can lead to paranoia. Those with 4 or 5 Water signs in their Element chart may suffer from impaired hearing, and eventually from senile dementia. Arthritis is another concern, but can be mitigated by the wearing of metal bracelets or other metal adornments.
Wood signs: Dominant Wood sign people may suffer from ulcers, migraines or haemorrhoids if they allow anger to rule their lives. Dominant Wood needs the calming effect of Water sign people to reduce the tensions and relieve frustrations.
Metal signs: Dominant Metal sign people can suffer from high blood-pressure as their concern for safety and security leads them to worry too much about minute details. This coupled with poor digestion can place unnecessary strain on the heart.
Earth signs: Dominant Earth sign people who also lack a fire sign in their Element chart seek to control everyone around them and when that fails, it can lead to asthma. The more extreme cases (4 or 5 Earth elements) can lead sufferers to avoid meaningful relationships which in turn can lead to constipation, and frigidity.

Sign Potential problem areas
AriesArians tend to rush about and bump into things, or trip over. But otherwise they enjoy good health.
TaurusTaureans need regular exercise and a balanced diet to avoid excess weight in later life.
GeminiGeminis tend to use up too much nervous energy, and are easily exhausted. Under stress they can suffer from asthma and bronchial problems, so the chest and lungs are areas of concern.
CancerCancerians tend to suffer from a slow lymphatic system and may have digestive problems. Undue stress and worry can cause ulcers.
LeoLeos are prone to heart complaints, and may suffer back problems related to the spine. Stress can produce muscle cramp, or fever.
VirgoProblems for Virgoans often centre on the intestines and the pancreas, so they need to keep control of their sugar intake. But Virgoans also have a tendency to imagine medical problems that simply don't exist.
LibraLibrans often have a sweet tooth - an irresistable desire for sugary food that puts undue strain on the pancreas. This habit can also lead to acne and other skin problems.
ScorpioScorpios can experience problems associated with their bladder, bowels and reproductive organs. Bowel problems may include haemorrhoids.
SagittariusSagittarians can suffer from accidents caused by their impatience, and are prone to put on weight in later years. Problems with insulin levels can lead to diabetes.
CapricornCapricorns are prone to problems with their bones, teeth and their gall bladders. Regular dental check-ups are important.
AquariusAquarians tend to suffer from poor circulation that can lead to varicose veins. They are also inclined to excess body electricity that can be adversly affected by being close to electrical equipment. They need to take regular exercise - outdoors.
PiscesPisceans are prone to problems with their feet, and can be adversly affected by negative surroundings which may affect their mental and physical health (swollen glands) as they try to protect themselves from such an environment.