The Political Divide

Democratic politics across the world divides support between left wing and right wing policies.

In Chinese astrology that divide is distinguished by Yin and Yang qualities.


In UK politics the British Labour Party is predominately Yin and the Conservative Party is predominately Yang.

Yin qualities.

Independent, introspective, responsive, solitary, spiritual, less materialistic, introverted, rebellious, liberal, thoughtful, considerate, emotionally stable, less robust and slow to alter opinions.
Yang qualities

Sociable, optimistic, pragmatic, materialistic, passionate, confident, conservative, self-orientated, susceptible, emotionally erratic, distrustful, hospitable, active, serious-minded and prone to jealousy.

Don't for one moment think that Yin is feminine, and Yang masculine. Gender plays no part in this analysis.

Below you will find two lists - of senior Labour and senior Conservative politicians in the UK and USA Republican and Democrat politicians - together with their dates of birth (taken from Wikipedia) 3 of their 5 Elements, and 3 of their 5 associated Yin/Yang labels.

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Without knowing times of birth it is impossible to complete the Element Chart for each politician. Nevertheless, on the information available it is intriguing to note that UK Conservative politicians are predominately Yang, whilst Labour are predominately Yin, and the same distinction appears between USA politicians.

Astrologically, each of us is either dominated by 'Yin', or by 'Yang'. For some people the degree of domination can be stark, and for others barely noticeable. But there is always a predominance either one way or the other.

Some Democrat PoliticiansDate of birthChinese ElementsYin/Yang balance
Former President Obama August/4/1961Water, Metal, WoodYin, Yin, Yin
Hillary Rodham ClintonOctober/26/1947Water, Fire, MetalYin, Yin, Yang
Martin O'Malley January/18/1963Wood, Water, WaterYang, Yang, Yin
Bernie Sanders September/8/1941Fire, Metal, FireYin, Yin, Yang
Lincoln Chafee March/26/1953Fire, Water, WoodYin, Yin, Yin
Lawrence LessigJune/3/1961Water, Metal, WaterYin, Yin, Yin
John Kerry December/11/1943Fire, Water, WoodYin, Yin, Yang
Some Republican Politicians
George W. BushJuly/6/1946 Metal, Fire, WoodYang, Yang, Yin
Jeb BushFebruary/11/1953Wood, Water, WaterYang, Yang, Yin
Chris Christie September/6/1962Wood, Water, EarthYang, Yang, Yin
Ted Cruz December/22/1970Metal, Metal, EarthYang, Yang, Yang
Carly FiorinaSeptember/6/1954Fire, Wood, WaterYang, Yang, Yin
President Donald Trump June/14/1946Metal, Fire, WoodYang, Yang, Yang
John Richard KasichMay/13/1952Wood, Water, WoodYang, Yang, Yin
Marco Rubio May/28/1971Water, Metal, WoodYin, Yin, Yang

Senior UK Conservative Party politicians:
PoliticianDate of birthChinese ElementsYin/Yang balance
David Cameron 09/10/1966 Fire, Fire, FireYang, Yang, Yin
Cheryl Gillan21/04/1952 Wood, Water, WoodYang, Yang, Yang
Theresa May01/11/1956 Metal, Fire, WaterYang, Yang, Yang
William Hague26/03/1961Water, Metal, MetalYin, Yin, Yin
Jeremy Hunt01/11/1966Fire, Fire, EarthYang, Yang, Yang
Andrew Lansley11/12/1956 Metal, Fire, MetalYang, Yang, Yang
Pauline Neville-Jones02/11/1939 Wood, Earth, WoodYin, Yin, Yang
Oliver Letwin19/05/1956 Metal, Fire, WaterYang, Yang, Yin
Caroline Spelman04/05/1958 Metal, Earth, FireYang, Yang, Yang
Francis Maude04/07/1953 Fire, Water, EarthYin, Yin, Yang
Patrick McLoughlin30/11/1957 Metal, Fire, MetalYin, Yin, Yin
Andrew Mitchell23/03/1956 Metal, Fire, MetalYang, Yang, Yin
Michael Gove26/08/1967 Fire, Fire, EarthYin, Yin, Yang
Chris Grayling01/04/1962 Wood, Water, WaterYang, Yang, Yin
Dominic Grieve24/05/1956 Metal, Fire, WaterYang, Yang, Yin
Philip Hammond04/12/1955 Fire, Wood, FireYin, Yin, Yin
Eric Pickles20/04/1952 Wood, Water, WoodYang, Yang, Yang
Nick Herbert07/04/1963 Wood, Water, FireYin, Yin, Yang
George Osborne23/05/1971Water, Metal, WaterYin, Yin, Yin
Kenneth Clarke02/07/1940 Wood, Metal, WaterYang, Yang, Yang
Owen Paterson24/06/1956 Metal, Fire, WoodYang, Yang, Yang
Lord Strathclyde22/02/1960 Water, Metal, EarthYang, Yang, Yang

  Senior UK Labour Party politicians:

PoliticianDate of birthChinese ElementsYin/Yang balance
Jeremy Corbin 26/05/1949 Water, Earth, Earth Yin, Yin, Yin.
Gordon Brown 20/02/1951 Wood, Metal, MetalYin, Yin, Yang.
Harriet Harman30/07/1950 Wood, Metal, WaterYang, Yang, Yin.
Peter Mandelson21/10/1951 Wood, Metal, EarthYin, Yin, Yang
Alistair Darling28/11/1953 Fire, Water, WaterYin, Yin, Yin
David Miliband15/07/1965 Fire, Wood, WaterYin, Yin, Yin
Hilary Benn26/11/1953 Fire, Water, WaterYin, Yin, Yin
Jack Straw03/08/1946 Metal, Fire, FireYang, Yang, Yang
Alan Johnson17/05/1950 Wood, Metal, MetalYang, Yang, Yin
Douglas Alexander26/10/1967 Fire, Fire, MetalYin, Yin, Yang
John Denham15/07/1953 Fire, Water, EarthYin, Yin, Yin
Ed Balls25/02/1967 Fire, Fire, WaterYin, Yin, Yang
Ed Miliband24/12/1969 Metal, Earth, FireYin, Yin, Yang
Andy Burnham07/01/1970 Metal, Earth, FireYin, Yin, Yang
Shaun Woodward26/10/1958 Metal Earth, WaterYang, yang, Yang
Baroness Royall20/08/1955 Fire, Wood, WoodYin, Yin, Yang
Tessa Jowell17/09/1947 Water, Fire, EarthYin, Yin, Yin
Jim Murphy23/08/1967 Fire, Fire, EarthYin, Yin, Yang
Yvette Cooper20/03/1969 Metal, Earth, FireYin, Yin, Yin
Liam Byrne02/10/1970 Metal, Metal, FireYang, Yang, Yang
Peter Hain16/02/1950 Water, Earth, FireYin, Yin, Yin
Bob Ainsworth19/06/1952 Wood, Water, FireYang, Yang, Yang
Tom Watson 06/01/1967 Fire, Fire, Metal Yang, Yang, Yang


Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party: Born 03/ 04/1964 - Elements: Wood, Wood, Fire - Yin/Yang balance: Yang, Yang, Yin.

Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democratic Party: Born 07/01/1967 - Elements: Fire, Fire, Metal - Yin/Yang balance: Yang, Yang, Yang.

Nick Griffin of the British National party: Born 01/03/1959 - Elements: Water, Earth, fire - Yin/Yang balance: Yin, Yin, Yang.