The problem for Cancer signs

Cancerian men and women are wonderful home loving types who are noted for their generous hospitality and become brilliant caring parents. But they are prone to fall victim to excess alcohol, nicotene and drugs. Why?

The first point to remember about Cancerians is that more than any other sign they are powerfully affected by the Moon. It's no secret that we all become slightly barmy at the time of the full moon; crime levels rise, passions are aroused and people do odd things. Not without reason those judged to be slightly mad in the 19th century were called lunatics.

If the cancerian is going to say things that he or she might later regret it will probably be around the time of the full moon, but equally this is period when they can become more romantic, more passionate or more intense. Circumstances will dictate how this innate characteristic is employed.

But the alcohol and drugs problem is ever present, and it doesn't just apply to those born between 23rd June and the 23rd July. It also applies to every person born with a Moon sign of Cancer. And the Cancer moon occurs in every month of the year for approximately 2 1/2 days. Anyone born in any month during a Cancer Moon is also prone to abuse alcohol or drugs - and probably both.

It could be argued that governments are unfairly treating 1/6th of their population by taxing or prohibiting the sale of products that are essential to the quality of life of Cancerians. After all, Cancerians are often gentle souls - far more likely to fall asleep when drunk than embark on violent abuse or anti-social behaviour. So in most countries the Cancerian comes with a heavy price tag - to subsidise other signs with different traits. In Western astrology the 12 types of Cancer are:

1. Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Aries
2. Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Taurus
3. Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Gemini
4. Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Cancer
5. Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Leo
6. Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Virgo
7. Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Libra
8. Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Cancer
9. Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Sagittarius
10 Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Capricorn
11 Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Aquarius
12 Sun sign: Cancer
  Moon sign: Pisces

The sign for Cancer is Cancer the Crab; it has nothing to do with Cancer, the disease.

Experts around the world have concluded that lung cancer is caused by smoking, and although it is true that many Cancerians smoke, in the author's opinion it would be wrong to conclude that Cancerians who smoke will inevitably get lung cancer. That is because (in the author's non-medically qualified opinion) the root cause of any cancer is stress or undue worry, and it will strike in that part of the body which is the most vulnerable for that individual. (See My Health)

Of course there will be some Cancerians who suffer from stress, and if they smoke to relieve that stress the result may well be lung cancer. But if a smoker pursues his or her habit for social enjoyment, for pleasure or relaxation - has a placid and untroubled character - then the chances of developing lung cancer are dramatically reduced. Old age of course is another matter, and like an ancient nurled oak tree, growths will occur quite naturally as human life nears its end. So the real health lesson is clear; the pursuit of stress free happiness is more valuable than the stressful pusuit of wealth.

Remember, your Moon sign has a bearing upon which part of your anatomy is an area of weakness, and your dominant Chinese Element will reveal whether you may be more prone to worry. If you are, use Feng Shui to relieve your stress.

Our program My Compatible people will reveal moon signs of both you and a potential partner.

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