Liz Hurley and Shane Warne are going to tie the knot; but will it last?

It was reported that Shane Warne popped the question to Liz Hurley at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship on the 30th September 2011, and the following day Liz Hurley showed off her new engagement ring. The couple looked blissfully happy and we wish them well. Nevertheless, we decided to put their astro-makeups to the test on our iphone app - AstroPal.

Liz Hurley was born in Hampshire, England on 10th June 1965. Previously married to Arun Nayar in 2007, they were divorced in June 2011. From 1987 to 2000 she was known as 'Hugh Grant's girlfriend' (Hugh was born on 9th September 1960 in London)

Shane Warne was born in Victoria, Australia on 13th September 1969, and was previously married to fellow Australian, Simone Callahan.

The iphone AstroPal app works out and compares each person's sun sign (like Liz Hurley's Gemini and Shane's Virgo) but also their all important Moon signs, their Chinese year animals, their lunar months animals and elements, their life path numbers - even their birth order influences. Each of these vital tests are individually scored, and then totalled to provide an overall compatibility score for that couple. Liz Hurley is a Gemini and both Hugh Grant and Shane Warne are Virgoans, but that only tells us part of the astro-makeup story. What about everything else?

How did Liz and Shane get on?

AstroPal provides two tests - the first a combination of Western and Chinese astrology (including birth order analysis) and the second with detailed analysis by Chinese astrology alone.

TEST 1:Total score - 16 out of 35: not a brilliant score by any means, largely because their Chinese astro-makeups are not at all compatible.
TEST 2:Total score - 14 out of 34: not enough I fear to carry this relationship through the difficult times. They will have to rely heavily on shared interests and similar backgrounds.

Note: On Test 1 Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant scored 21 points - a much more solid score that kept them together for 13 years. Shane should remember that Liz doesn't easily accept infidelity, even with a prostitute.

Note: Liz and Shane never married. They dated for 2 yrs before splitting up.

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