Scorpio compatibility

Scorpio men and women are normal red-blooded human beings who will make wonderful partners, but they often have a big problem finding the right person. Why?

The answer lies in one word - loyalty. Scorpios expect that their partners will be intensly loyal. And they're not prepared to risk a relationship with someone who is not utterly committed to the partnership. And that means complete exclusivity.

Now this is a tough call for anyone, and it's made worse by Scorpios' uncanny ability to detect insincerity in others. So if the potential partner holds even the smallest regard for his/her friends, parents, cousins or work colleagues, that will be viewed by a Scorpio as thoroughly disloyal.

So concerned are Scorpios about this problem that they spend some considerable time in courtship testing their potential partner's loyalty to the absolute limit. This will invariably include the moment when they declare that the relationship is over - that never again do they wish to see the potential partner in question. And it often follows a time when the relationship has become more intimate - a time when the Scorpio has dropped his or her guard and revealed vulnerability.

It's not difficult to imagine that such an approach can be pretty off-putting to the potential partner who could be forgiven for assuming that the Scorpio meant everything that he or she had said, and that the relationship was really at an end. But nothing could be further from the truth. The moment a Scorpio tells his/her potential partner that the relationship is finished is almost certainly the moment that the Scorpio decided that the relationship was deadly serious, and that the pain of possible break-up in the future would be too much to bear. The Scorpio signal may seem odd to others, but to the Scorpio it is perfectly logical. It is just another test of loyalty.

But there are 12 different types of Scorpio depending on their Moon signs, and each type will reflect the characteristics of not only Scorpio, but the Moon sign under which they were born. For the scorpio it is vital that they understand that any potential partner must have a compatible Moon sign, for this above all other is the best guarantee of loyalty. The 12 types are:

1. Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Aries
2. Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Taurus
3. Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Gemini
4. Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Cancer
5. Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Leo
6. Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Virgo
7. Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Libra
8. Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Scorpio
9. Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Sagittarius
10 Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Capricorn
11 Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Aquarius
12 Sun sign: Scorpio
  Moon sign: Pisces

Of course it also helps significantly if you and a potential partner also enjoy compatibility of your Chinese astrological animals and elements, but our program My Compatible people will reveal all these factors for both you and a potential partner.

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